Remedial bodywork using The Rossiter System

working on thighs with RossiterIf you’re looking for an alternative, natural and effective way of getting your body out of pain, then try the The Rossiter System.

It relieves and prevents pain because it directly tackles the causes of pain. Tightness, pain, throbbing, aching and limited movement in muscles and joints occur because surrounding connective tissue has shortened and tightened from overuse and repetition. The Rossiter System’s stretching techniques loosen entire areas of connective tissue and restore mobility and circulation. The result — effective pain relief and free movement.

What is involved:

The Rossiter System consists of hard, powerful, conscious TWO-PERSON stretching of the connective tissue system, which is done by a Rossiter-trained coach and YOU, the PIC (person in charge). For most of these techniques, the PIC remains fully clothed and lies on a mat on the floor. The Rossiter-trained coach places a foot on a very specific part of the PIC’s body to anchor tissue in place during movement, and that adds power to the stretch. The weight and the warmth of the Coach’s foot, combined with powerful stretching by the PIC, warm and loosen the connective tissue, enabling the tissue to unravel its grip and allow freedom of movement again.

Forearm with RossiterWhen the connective tissue is freed and provides ‘space’ to the body (joints, muscles), tightness eases, pain ebbs and the body’s structures are no longer pinched, squeezed, bulged or trapped. You are in charge of your body; you are in charge of your workout because you are the expert on how you feel inside your body. Anyone who uses these techniques undergoes a Rossiter workout – and that is exactly what it feels like: a powerful workout that produces quick, powerful results for anyone of any age.

It can be effective for the following conditions :

  • Knee pain
  • Low back pain and sciatica
  • Stiff neck
  • Sore shoulders
  • Achy feet and stiff knees
  • Hip pain
  • Tight hamstring and quad muscles
  • Arm, wrist and elbow pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Elbow tendonitis
  • Stiffness and restricted movement in the body