Hay fever – can you really get relief?

Acupuncture for hay fever – Act NOW for relief this spring and summer!

Are you one of 10 million hay fever sufferers in the UK? If you endure runny nose, itchy eyes, irritated sinuses and sneezing in spring and summer, then you probably suffer from hay fever or ‘allergic rhinitis’ and will well understand the discomfort that this perennial condition brings.

According to the NHS, hay fever is the most common allergic condition and you can develop it at any age. Hay fever is on the increase now and more of us than ever before suffer from it. Doctors generally prescribe steroidal nasal sprays and antihistamine tablets to combat the symptoms but these medications often cause side-effects and have inconsistent results. If you are interested in exploring a non-pharmaceutical, natural approach, then you may want to consider acupuncture.

Acupuncture, an historic and proven form of Chinese medicine, addresses hay fever symptoms on the understanding that it is derived from systemic weaknesses within the body. Biologically, when the immune system is functioning normally, pollen, grass, dust, animal hairs or any naturally occurring particles should not in themselves produce adverse reactions. They only cause a problem when underlying factors within a person’s immune system activate a hypersensitive reaction. What predisposes one person to hay fever may be completely different from someone else, despite displaying the same symptoms, because we are all different.

In acupuncture, the overall health of each patient is taken into consideration, therefore treatment is not the same for everyone and is aimed at the individual’s underlying conditions. Given that the goal of the treatment is aimed at building the immune system of the person (the cause) it is most effective if it is commenced before the seasonal symptoms (the effect) present themselves. Why not try acupuncture now to alleviate the difficulties brought on by hayfever later in the year?