Embodied Relational Therapy - somatic body based therapy

Embodied Relational Therapy (ERT) is a simple, safe and effective way to work with psychological, physical and emotional issues. We aim to discover deeply-held blocks and old patterns which are ready to be released, and find new ways to let your energy and spirit flow more freely.

Many everyday problems – like anxiety, depression, physical tensions, emotional difficulties – can be traced to early life experiences. Talking therapies don’t always get to the root, because some issues and traumas are ‘somatised’ – literally, held in the body. We have no words or memories to access them.


New research in trauma and neuroscience emphasises the importance of involving the body in psychotherapeutic work. Body-centred approaches are particularly effective in dealing with early trauma, abuse, shock and attachment difficulty.

Clients may come with particular concerns, but often there is also a sense of something deeper, below the surface, just out of awareness, ready to move. They may describe a sense of stuck energy, or a wish to ‘get more in touch with my body’.

People can often sense the depth of feelings and hidden fears which are held in the body. Body based therapies allow these to come gently to the surface, to be welcomed and understood, bringing insights into how we can live more fully in the present and find more vitality.

Could ERT help me?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these…then yes, it probably could. It can also help address the underlying issues around ‘traditional’ psychotherapeutic issues: addictions, phobias, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, etc.

• Stressed out or anxious or fearful a lot of the time
• Low mood, numbed out or depressed
• Holding a lot of tension in the body
• Feeling overwhelmed or over-emotional
• Tired, exhausted, fed-up
• Out of touch with feelings and worrying too much
• Not sure about the future or where you’re going in life
• Wanting to grown and know that there is more to life

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