As a humanistic integrative counsellor, I believe we all have an innate drive to achieve our greater potential and live a meaningful life. Counselling can be difficult experience for some and many feel anxious about embarking upon this journey.

As a warm, empathic and open-minded counsellor, I can be gentle and walk at your pace along side you in guiding to gain more awareness about what’s going on for you so that you can experience life fully. This may involve changing unhelpful behaviours, exploring your past to understand how it’s impacting your present life, learning to become acquainted with your feelings so you are able to say what is important for you authentically and get your needs met. Sometimes having someone who can listen without judgement or criticism can be very healing experience.

Therapy Dog Benjy

My loving and gentle dog, Benjy, has helped clients who are nervous and unsure about therapy to settle down with his warm presence. Clients fall in love with him instantly. You can request to have him in the session with you if you feel it will help you.


Therapy Dog Benjy and Me

With therapy dog Benjy


By having therapy with me (and Benjy) you will have a confidential and safe space to :

  • talk openly and honestly about life
  • explore anxiety, depression or feeling afraid or sad
  • to explore culturally sensitive issues, loneliness, anger, confusion or bereavement
  • build confidence and self-esteem
  • find support through physical/emotional pain
  • have gentle and loving therapy dog Benjy to help you heal


These are some of the areas I have helped clients with:

  • critical self-talk, negative mindset
    low self-esteem and confidence
  • relationship conflicts
  • lack of motivation or purpose
  • anxiety or feeling low
  • or maybe you can’t articulate what’s wrong but something is missing
Don’t wait! Book a half hour call to see if we can work together. I have many years’ experience working with people from ages 16 to 75.

You can choose to feel empowered, healthy and lead a meaningful life.

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