Client Testimonials

I came to see Preethi for severe pain due to symphysis pubis dysfunction. I was unable to walk for more than 5 minutes without have to sit down. Preethi used acupuncture on my feet and hands and after the first treatment my paid went down by 75%. After the second treatment I had no pain unless I had been on my feet the whole day. It was unbelievable and made the latter stages of my pregnancy much more enjoyable. I recommended my friend with the same condition to see Preethi.

TC, 29 (first time mum)

I came to see Preethi as my mum recommended I have acupuncture for Migraine headaches I have been suffering from since teenage years. They had gotten so bad that I was having one every other day and the medications were not working anymore. I had 4 treatments on a weekly basis and I had just one migraine attack in that time. I have now been free from a headache for 6 weeks. I feel anxious to tell anyone about it in case I jinx it, but I truly feel that Preethi and her acupuncture have changed my life!

TB (42)

I felt amazing after the last acupuncture treatment. Even though I had some sore throat and nasal congestion for a day, it felt like things were starting to shift from a deeper level. I felt like I was flying for two weeks. Things got difficult after a family member visited and created trouble but I was still strong underneath it all and dealt with it calmly. I finally feel like I'm getting stronger in myself. Thank you so much.


My son's hay fever symptoms went away straight after acupuncture. He has streaming eyes, itchy and stuffy nose and within a few hours he was feeling so much better. I will be bringing him for treatments during autumn so that his immune system is strengthened for next year. Thank you for your help.

LK, (15)

Hi Preethi, I'm pregnant!
Your magic touch has worked, thank you so much. I have no doubt the acupuncture contributed massively to this result after 17 hard months of trying.
I'll probably come back to you for reflexology at some point. Hope you're having a nice holiday.

HC, (30)

Hi Preethi, I hope you are well and your trips went well.
I wanted to let you know that I am now pregnant!!! I'm 16 weeks so fell pregnant during the last cycle I saw you, looks like the extra sessions paid off! I'm so unbelievably happy. I've had the first scan which was an incredible experience and got to hear the heartbeat on Tuesday with a midwife, which was very exciting.

I want to thank you for all of your help and for making me feel so relaxed during the acupuncture, something to be honest, I wasn't sure I'd be able to go through with bearing in mind my extremely squeamish nature. I'm sure I'll be in touch to maybe book a pregnancy massage when the back aches kick in ??

CK, (33)

I have suffered with anxiety since my teenage years, which made it very uncomfortable for me to join in within a group. Even seeing familiar faces at the school gate was nerve wrecking. But after having regular acupuncture session, I find I am no longer anxious in social settings and my over-thinking about it has changed completely.

CB, (34)

My frozen shoulder had not improved despite 5 sessions with a physiotherapist. But having had two acupuncture and cupping sessions, my range of movement has increased by 75%. I would like to have regular treatments to maintain my overall health. Thank you for all your help.

LY, IT company owner
Acupuncture and cupping

Your acupuncture and Reiki has worked miracles! I am sleeping better than ever before, despite the anti-cancer medications and my hot flushes have gone down too.

LT, Retired

I feel amazing after the last treatment. I used to wake up feeling gnarled and contracted, but today I woke up feeling like a balloon! So light and floaty. Thank you for your help.

TC, Retired GP
Rossiter technique

Having injured my groin playing sports, I went to see Preethi for Acupuncture. She used a number of techniques such as Rossiter, massage and acupuncture and before long I was able to play sports again. Thank you.

TJ, busines owner (55)
Acupuncture and Rossiter technique

Dear Preethi, I have been meaning to call you to make another appt. But I wanted to wait till uni finished next week. Since hearing your explanation, combined with Acupuncture everything has been so normal. The light headedness went and the hunger stopped. I will explain more when I see you next time. I felt much lighter afterwards and really enjoyed the experience. I found you really easy to talk to as well. Thank you so much.

EC, University student (22)

Hi Preethi, just wanted to let you know that my neck pain has gone completely. It was a bit sore after the treatment but it got better and better and this morning I woke up with no pain at all! It's like a miracle! Thank you so much. I was really worried about taking painkillers due to breast feeding but now I don't have to take them. I am sending my husband to you for his calf pain. See you soon.

VC, new mother (34)

I really do appreciate everything you do; you have a real talent and that is a very precious gift these days. It's not just your hands but it's also the way you empathise with your clients that makes your treatments so special. I can feel that both in your touch and also how you inter-relate with the other person. I suppose it's like a holistic treatment, not just mechanical and physical but also on an emotional level. The fact that I can feel the effects for some time afterwards is a real bonus to me.

JB, Retired

I have had a stiff neck for as long as I can remember. On top of this I started getting pins and needles and numbness on my right arm that was diagnosed as carpel tunnel by my doctor. Reluctant to have surgery, I decided to try Rossiter and acupuncture with Preethi. After the first treatment my neck was freed up and there was so much more movement. Preethi gave me some stretching exercises to do at home for my neck and arm in between treatments. I have noticed after my second treatment that the pins and needles and numbness on my right arm have reduced as well. I am feeling so much better now!”

AR, Restaurant Owner (43)
Rossiter and Acupuncture

I had an amazing treatment to relieve muscle tension today from Preethi. Using Rossiter technique she was able to get all the large muscle groups easily. Even though it was an intense treatment, I really feel like it got all the tension deeper than a massage would. Definitely recommend it!”

DS, Fitness Instructor (40)

Just a quick message to thank you for the Rossiter and acupuncture this morning. You certainly found some painful spots I never knew existed! I've been feeling really relaxed and refreshed since the treatment and my neck feels much better - thank you very much!

TB, Retired (60)
Rossiter and Acupuncture

My work can cause me backache, and so treatment from a fellow therapist is very useful. I have always found Preethi to be excellent and end up walking away relaxed and ready for my next client.

CL, Massage Therapist (35)
Rossiter and Acupuncture

I’ve suffered with IBS for ages. I’d heard that acupuncture might help and things have certainly improved since seeing Preethi.

PS, Research Analyst (40)

I just wanted to let you know that I didn't feel any discomfort in my leg last night after the Rossiter and acupuncture. So I was able to get 4 hours uninterrupted sleep. Thank you so much for your help.”

SB, Housewife (40)
Rossiter and Acupuncture

I have no hesitation in recommending Preethi who is very friendly and also in my opinion the best therapist in the area. I’ve tried a few after suffering from pain for ages and thank god it now seems to be getting better. I’ve now had around 8 treatments with Preethi and my back, shoulder and neck feel completely different, like I’ve been released constant ‘pain-hell’ and I now genuinely have more movement than I've had for years. She relieved deep muscle tension using a fab technique called Rossiter. I thoroughly recommend this by the way to anyone with severe muscle pain!. The last two times I have visited, she used some Acupuncture needles to treat pretty bad digestive problems I’d been having. I have to say, I do feel much improved in this area also.

SB, Director (44)
Rossiter and Acupuncture

I have visited Preethi regularly for several years and I have found her treatments to be extremely relaxing and therapeutic, especially at times of stress and anxiety. I have had neck problems which have definitely improved after receiving one of Preethi's treatments. Preethi is a very caring therapist who has great empathy with her clients; she is always very reassuring and knowledgeable about treating a wide range of conditions and is happy to suggest self-help remedies which clients can practise at home. Preethi is a highly-qualified and accomplished therapist; it is always a delight to experience one of her treatments.

PB, Retired
Rossiter and Acupuncture

I am delighted to recommend Preethi – she is an amazing practitioner and has helped me to manage back pain for the last six months. Preethi is very professional, knowledgeable, skilled and caring. She always takes the time to check on my progress and offers very helpful advice on exercises and posture. The Rossiter technique Preethi uses is the only approach I have found really effective for easing my back pain and tension. My back always feels so much more comfortable after a treatment. Thank you, Preethi, for being such a skilled practitioner.


I had a wonderful acupuncture treatment with Preethi. She was very professional, the ambiance in the room was peaceful and healing. I highly recommend her!


In removing the aches and stiffness inherent in playing on average 3 games of golf a week the treatment received has been progressively succesful. Pain killers redundant!! Equally important a long term ankle injury has responded to acupunture and soft tissue treatment to the extent that many rounds can now be played without previous after effects. Many thanks.

RB, Retired (70)

I was having digestive problems for a long time. After eating I would have bloating and discomfort. I had acupuncture with Preethi. Slowly my symptoms have gotten better. I feel more positive about my condition. What helped a lot was the simple advice she gave about food. I now have a maintenance treatment once every month.”

SP, Marketing Manager (44)

Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent acupuncture treatment and advice yesterday - I am following your instructions and feeing better already. Hope to see you soon.”

DS, Tutor (55)

As I had never tried accupuncture before I was a bit nervous to begin with but Preethi put me at ease straight away with her confident and intuitive approach. The accupuncture was painless and certainly effective. I had suffered with severe pain caused by a slipped disc and found the treatment eased it a great deal. With regular sessions it has continued to support my recovery. Thankyou Preethi for all your dedicated care.

JW , Taxi driver (42)

At each acupuncture treatment with Preethi I found her to be professional when dealing with me. She has a caring side and gave me a safe space to express my feelings about my physical and emotional needs. I would be very happy to recommend Preethi to my family and friends as she has helped me so much.

CM, Community Nurse (50)

I started having acupuncture with Preethi as I was suffering with the after effects of bowel cancer and the operations that were performed on me. I also had a number of aches and pains and dizziness that were not connected to the cancer. I had tried a lot of other therapies and although they were all helpful in their own way, with acupuncture I found the best results. I have had 6 treatments now and I can truly say that for the first time in six years when I was first diagnosed, I feel normal. I am confident about going out in public without having to worry about needing the toilet desperately. I have been handing out Preethi's leaflets to anyone who will take them!

JF, Retired (80)

Thank you for phoning me the other day to enquire how I was after my acupuncture and other therapies that you gave me on Tuesday. I just wanted to let you know that I have now had three pain free days, I am amazed and I am grateful to you for all your help. I keep thinking that the muscles will start misbehaving again but so far I have no pain! I still have some dark circles from the ‘cupping’, I thought it would be of interest to you to know that. Again I can just say a big thank you, I hoped on Tuesday that you might relieve the pain a little, but it is far better than that. I hope to see you again – but not till after holiday.

EC, (Retired)