Back pain no more! A client testimonial.

One thing I seem to know a fair amount about is injuries and the associated pain that goes with them. I have always viewed it as something that I have just accumulated through my time as I am in my fifties! Caused by things that have just happened to me over my fairly active life. Anyone reading this who has had a similar life will know what I mean.

Throughout this time, I have also been treated by many Doctors, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists in pursuit of recovery, so I think that I’m a fairly good judge of their varying professional abilities.

When I met Preethi Sutton, I almost instantly knew I had met a real expert in her field which is in Acupuncture, Counselling and general wellbeing. This opinion I formed was by her level of questioning and the explanations to the answers that I gave her.

I found Preethi through recommendation, as I needed treatment on a niggling lower back pain.
As I was visiting an Acupuncturist, I expected needles, however, once the questions were over, Preethi felt a treatment using Rossiter therapy and Cupping would be more suitable.

Wow, I had not experienced anything like this before. Rossiter therapy is a deep tissue massage applied by the feet. In my case, Preethi felt the pressure/massage was necessary to my hamstrings and my quad muscles which would then release my lower back muscles

Following the uncomfortable treatment, the results were amazing (after just one session). I was almost pain free in the lower back, which I would not have thought possible. The Cupping then followed the Rossiter therapy. This is a series of suction cups applied to the area surrounding the lower back (where my injury was) which draws the blood to the surface, and with it the waste fluid associated with the injury, allowing it to dissipate naturally from the body.

Five days later, I did return for a second treatment, pain free in the lower back. However, when the Rossiter therapy was applied again to my legs, there was plenty of pain there still indicating the level of long-held tension. As for the lower back, that is staying good and I am moving around pain free at the moment!

I can strongly recommend you call her if you have been suffering, thinking no one seems to be able to help you, as she seems just the person who can!

– contributed by Peter Maxted, Horsham