I am an online wellness coach, mental health counsellor and mindfulness practitioner.

I am a warm, empathic and open-minded counsellor who's aim is to put you at ease when we meet so we can get to know each other and you feel comfortable to talk about what is troubling you. Counselling can be a daunting experience for some clients so it's important to take it slowly and go at your own pace.

Do you identify with any of these issues:

* You may be disconnected from your feelings or people in your life
* Struggling with unhelpful behaviours and thoughts
* Feeling alone, lost and isolated and not wanting to burden the people you love
* Depressed or sad and feeling like others don't understand you
* Having disturbing memories or trauma from the past impacting you
* Or having trouble putting into words how you feel

I can support you in getting to understand what's going on for you so that you can feel better over a period of time. I believe we all have an innate drive to achieve our greater potential and live a meaningful life and that drive in you will come alive as we do the work. Having someone who can listen without judging or criticising you can be a healing experience.

I offer you a confidential and safe space to :

  • talk openly and honestly about life
  • explore anxiety, depression or feeling afraid or sad
  • to explore culturally sensitive issues, loneliness, anger, confusion or bereavement
  • build confidence and self-esteem
  • find support during physical/emotional pain

Preethi Suton
BSc (Hons), MAC, MBACP


Don’t wait! Book a half hour call to see if we can work together. I have many years’ experience working with people from ages 11 to 75.

You can choose to feel empowered, healthy and lead a meaningful life.

Therapy Dog Benjy and Me

My job as a therapist is to help you articulate what the problem(s) is, why it is affecting your life and how to overcome its drag on you.

This may seem like a daunting prospect but having support means you can be motivated and look ahead to focus on the objectives you set for yourself and work with habits, behaviours and mindset that stand in the way of facilitating change.

In this partnership between you and I, I will bring commitment, experience and passion. What I ask of you is to have a strong desire for change and commitment for living a better life.

With this in place, we can re-write old belief systems, change the narrative and begin to live life rather than just survive it.

How I Can Help You

Working With Me

I believe we all have an inherent need to move towards achieving our full potential and lead fulfilling and purposeful lives.

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Why do the work?

Having a coach/therapist makes you more accountable and raises awareness about yourself...

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Pay for individual sessions.

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Client Testimonials

I wanted life coaching because I felt helpless. I felt like I was in a pattern of feeling a certain way, low, sad unmotivated and depressed and was unsure of how to get out of this place. I found Preethi through a friends recommendation and instantly felt a bit more hope at the fact that I was trying to help myself by reaching out. We had a Skype call talking about what I wanted to gain from the sessions and how this could be met and then we started with the sessions. For me I wanted to be happy again and not feel how I was feeling. Throughout the sessions we spoke about current situations / past events and what I want in the future. Overall coaching helped me realise how self love isn’t what I thought it was and how loving yourself in the right way, giving yourself self worth and not seeking validation from others is how to truly be happy. It helped me realise so many things but mostly that even though I cannot change things I can change my attitude towards them and this in turn changes everything. It helped me realise how mindset is everything and I’ve got the power within me to do anything I wish. I learnt many more lessons within the sessions and it helped me to understand things in a more peaceful and accepting way about myself and others. I would recommend these sessions with Preethi as it definitely helped me and taught me a lot about myself/ life in general.



I contacted Preethi because I wanted help with a few things, 1. my sugar addiction, 2. I wanted to learn to love myself and 3. there are a lot of things from my past that I wanted to deal with/process so that I could move on with my life. During our sessions I had Acupuncture, Counselling, EFT and Tapping and I found them all to be beneficial. Preethi ensured I felt comfortable at all times and was very professional and kind. During this time, my life was very stressful and hectic but Preethi really helped me to manage the stress and to cope and get through it in the best way I could at the time. After seeing Preethi I always felt, calmer, lighter and hopeful. Life is not completely back to normal yet but it’s certainly heading in that direction.


39, Face-to-face coaching

Preethi was recommended to me by my friend to see if she could help with negative thinking that was stopping me from having peace of mind. I found that I suffered with negative thinking which manifested in my life in the the form of self-loathing, harsh judgement towards my partner and the world generally. I was often catastrophising events which led to procrastination. I learnt about all this by having sessions with Preethi. Having now had a few sessions with Preethi, I am so much calmer and feel like I can be brave enough to attempt things. I feel much happier in myself, though not fully there yet but I am trying to change habits of a lifetime! I really would recommend people to give it a go and see if coaching is for you. You have nothing to lose and may even find it very beneficial.


35, Online coaching
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